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For nearly half a century (NG) Necati Guran, founder of (GMT) Guran Machine Trading Co. has been a trusted representative resource for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. (GMT) Guran Machine Trading has earned a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and extraordinary customer service.

At (GMT) Guran Machine Trading every client, large or small, is given the same level of priority service. We eliminate the guess work and hassle to give you the peace-of-mind that comes from working with industry leaders.

Services :

  1. APILION Machinen + Services High Performance Cage Welding Machines
  2. AWM Automatic Wire Machines
  3. GUNTERT ZIMMERMAN Concrete Paving
  4. HAAHJEM BASE AS Track Mounted Heavy Duty Crushing Plants
  5. KIASMA Srl. HDPE Pipe and Rubber Hoses with Floats for dredging
  6. OSCAM Steel Road Bending & Cutting
  7. RESIMART Machinery and Equipment for Pre-Stressed Concrete